Breathtaking photos and beautiful designs may catch someone’s eye, but your words get them to pay attention.

Early mornings, Peloton workout, cuddles with my kids, daily walks, family dinners, and reading in bed. 

daily rituals

Writing in my copy cave, reading, riding my Peloton, and driving my son to hockey (again).


Fluff, useless words, over-hyped sales, comparison, and vanity metrics. 


Kindness & integrity, working smarter - not harder, never missing a deadline, copy that converts, planning, and stories.


I’m not throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks (although my teenage son thinks that sounds like fun). 

I use my research and interview skills, conversion copywriting techniques and tailored marketing strategies to help people like you grow their careers and businesses. 

As a journalist I live and breath by deadlines, can't help but help clients come up with new story and content ideas, and keep clients updated every step of the way.

At the end of the day, I'm here to make your job easier. 

I blend strategy and storytelling to help you share your message and expertise in a way that has people lowering their coffee as they slow their scroll and pay attention to what YOU have to say.

We’re all bombarded with more messages than ever before – and it’s only going to get worse with AI on the scene.

To make an impact, you have to command peoples' attention.  Cookie-cutter content won’t cut it. 

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Guac & chips (always)


A whole lotta books -- email me for my latest recommendation


water ...and lots of it! 


Friends reruns



I got my start as a journalist forThe Miami Herald, where I was hired full time while still in school. I completed a double major in print journalism and creative writing while learning from some of the best reporters in the business. 

My favorite part of the job was getting to ask people endless questions that got to the heart of a story. Knowing the right questions to ask -- and how to ask them -- is something I still do today as I help my clients hone and finesse how they present themselves and their businesses to the world. 

When the news industry began to take a nosedive, I went to work in-house at two large healthcare systems (one in Miami and one of the largest in the country based in New York). I wrote everything from strategic proposals, marketing materials and reports, talking points for the president & CEO, patient stories, and web copy that shared the latest medical technologies and doctors’ expertise. 

I branched out on my own in 2011 and never looked back. 

Some favorite projects include: 

  • Writing behind-the-scenes stories for one of my all-time favorite wellness brands to help them attract top talent 

  • Working with leaders on strategic proposals and white papers that help them share complex, innovative ideas in a compelling way

  • Interviewing patients and writing their miracle stories -- they never get old 

  • Collaborating with a tech company, an innovative health system and a team of talented UX designers to create a consumer-focused app -- breaking industry standards -- and empowering patients to manage their healthcare from the palm of their hands.

  • Serving as editor for a daily content site for one of Maria Shriver’s non-profit projects, The Shriver Report.

  • Interviewing 150+ doctors and sharing share their unique expertise and experience in engaging online bios. 

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“Her work always exceeded my expectations, as well as our clients. Through her own expertise, I was also able to learn from her along the way.   

Simply put, Kathleen is dedicated and passionate about what she does and it shows in the work that she produces.” 


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