You have about
10 seconds to reel readers in.

No pressure.


Want your words to work for you? You're in the right place.

It takes more than a laundry list of credentials and impassioned prose to make an impact and inspire action. Your copy has to:

✅ catch the attention of the right people

✅ speak their language

✅ show why you're the right person to help them

✅ build trust 

✅ AND keep them interested every step along the way. 

All in the milliseconds before they continue scrolling or hop to another browser and onto someone else’s online doorstep. 

And it should strategically align and support your business goals. (Because you’re not growing a hobby -- you’re growing a business.)

But nailing the right message takes research, strategy and time
-- a lot of time. 

I craft tailored copy and provide brand strategy for health & wellness and creative coaches and businesses so they can connect with the people they serve -- and get them to take action (aka: join your list, book an appointment or finally click buy). 

I use my journalism and marketing skills -- leveraging research, storytelling and strategy -- to make it happen. 

No more wasted hours staring at a blank screen or surrounded by an overwhelming stack of notes unsure of how to tie everything together. Let’s make your words work for you.  

Your copy holds the power to connect, engage and sell.

But to harness that power, you have to get the message right. 

Let's dig in and refine your marketing messages, brand identity & web copy so you can build and scale a sustainable business. 

Done-For-you Web Copy

Let me roll out the red carpet and set aside a day to focus on you and your copy project. Stop putting it off -- let's get it done & out into the world so you can reap the rewards. 

VIP Days

When you're new to business or short on time & cash, an audit is a perfect solution to get feedback and actionable tips to improve your website copy. 

Web Audits

Ways to Work Together

“Nailing your marketing messages & copy is the first step to building a profitable -- and sustainable -- business.”

— ME, Everyday

You are DIYing your copy & need some actionable feedback and direction.


Tell me more

Don’t have the time or money to overhaul your website? Let’s do a quick — but thorough — audit of your site so I can suggest messaging and other changes that you can make today. Let’s make the most of what you have.

Get my eyes on your web copy and walk away with actionable tips and copy changes -- so you're excited to share your website with everyone you meet.

Web Audit

Brand Messaging & Web Copy


This weeks-long package includes detailed research into your market, your ideal clients& customers and your expertise to help you find your messaging sweet spot.

You’ll walk away with a detailed messaging guidebook and up to 5 pages of web copy written and ready to go. 

The full shabang -- walk away with the copy & messaging you need to market and run a sustainable business online. 


You've been in business for more than a year, have served your ideal client & want your website to do more of the heavy-lifting for you. 

You have a unique -- or urgent project -- that you need help with.


make me a vip

Have a unique — or urgent — project that you wanted done yesterday? Let’s pick a day and make it happen. This is a great option for people who are struggling to get started, have DIY copy that's rough and needs to be finessed, or for smaller copy asks that we can knock out in a day.

Skip the line and get my undivided attention for a few hours to move your copy project forward.


Content Marketing Strategist,
Symphony Talent

“Her work always exceeded my own expectations, as well as our clients.

Through her own expertise, I was also able to learn from her along the way.” 

Christine Thorsen

Director of Grant Programs,
Memorial Healthcare System 

“Kathleen is ... easygoing, flexible and dependable - and adds pizzazz to each and every project.

I would recommend her expertise for your writing needs without hesitation.”

Christine Heft

Former editor at The Miami Herald 
Writer/Editor, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

“Kathleen has "it." Talk to her for a few minutes (or less) and you'll see exactly what I mean.

You will NOT be sorry.”

Jon O’Neill

Real Clients. Real Experiences.

get started

It's time to get your expertise out of your head, and onto the screen. 

let's do this.