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When I need to churn out quality content — fast — I use these three tools to make the process a little bit easier. (And one of the tools is a free gift!)

3 tools to write better copy for your business, faster


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Use this re-writing routine to help you craft any piece of writing for your business. You’ll save time and your words will have more impact.

Do This Before You Sit Down to Write Anything for your Business


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“Kathleen is a very talented writer with the ability to communicate complex medical information in simple, easy to understand terms. She’s also skilled at capturing the compelling aspects of patient testimonials in an engaging style and moving manner.

If she were in Miami, I wouldn’t be writing this recommendation because I would be recruiting her to work at the organization I now work for.”

Robert Alonso,
V.P. of Strategic Planning, Memorial Healthcare System
& former V.P. of Public Relation and Marketing, Jackson Health System

Robert Alonso


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“Her work always exceeded my own expectations, as well as our clients. Through her own expertise, I was also able to learn from her along the way.

Simply put, Kathleen is dedicated and passionate about what she does and it shows in the work that she produces.”

Christine Thorsen,
Content Marketing Strategist, Symphony Talent

Christine Thorsen


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“I first met Kathleen years ago when she took a class I taught at the University of Miami. I was impressed by her innate writing ability (she is naturally very gifted), but even more impressed by her maturity, and the classy way she conducted herself in every situation.

When she came to work at The Miami Herald, those qualities continued to blossom. She was an excellent reporter, with abilities even veterans admired, and she was soon part of the staff – she was just THAT good.

She can do anything – from writing to managing and beyond – and do it better than people who have been at it twice or three times as long.

Kathleen has “it.” Talk to her for a few minutes (or less) and you’ll see exactly what I mean. Then HIRE HER. You will NOT be sorry.

Jon O’Neill,
Former editor at The Miami Herald
Writer/Editor, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Jon O’Neill


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